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Documentation is not your answer

Varun Nair

Mar 12, 2024

Documentation has made a resurgence with the rise of remote and hybrid teams. We’ve spoken to hundreds of companies over the past couple of years and no one is satisfied with the process.
The challenge? Keeping information current, discoverable, and relevant while avoiding a constant drain of resources.

Company manifestos and policies, static by nature, are easy wins. But dynamic information like progress updates, retrospectives, and project details require constant synthesis of new data resulting in lots of overhead.

Even if all that overhead is managed, information discovery remains a nightmare with long Slack messages or links to reports lost in notifications. Moreover, different roles require different information. A manager may crave operational details, while a CEO just wants to know if the project will ever ship.

The result? A vicious cycle: Mountains of documentation gathering digital dust. Hours spent synthesizing data that no one finds. Muted Slack notifications symbolizing information purgatory.
A team clueless about what's actually happening.

This is one of the many problems we’re solving at That Works. I’ll share a demo here soon, but meanwhile, have you found a process that works for you?